Our voice is powerful

This is my voice against hatred and racism

While writing articles and stories for this small newsletter, I have rediscovered the power of writing and the spoken word. Our words can be used to share opinions, to share experiences, and to express feelings.

But, what I’m learning, which is more powerful, is that our voice, written or out loud, is transformational.

I daydream a lot. I fixate on thoughts and I let them ride, like on a wave. I let them turn corners and pass by in blurs. During one of these strange mind storm adventures, I realized that words are one of the most powerful things in the universe. Words set us in motion. They define us and form us. Our own words are self molding.

They transform us as they are let out of us.

In the Bible, God creates heaven and earth and everything else with words. He speaks and they become. He proves that what we speak is what becomes. Jesus says something similar. He says what comes out of our mouth is what defiles us, not what we put into it. Our own words can become our prison.

Yet, no one is perfect. Thank God we are can be forgiven for the things we say. There is always a way back. As long as we repent and believe in Christ, he speaks for us.

When we accept Jesus’ sacrifice and become justified and spoken for, before God, we are transformed. Through prayer and words, and our voice, we can begin to do God’s work.

I challenge you to come up with some words and speak them or write them and set into motion God’s will for yourself and all his children throughout the world.

These are my words:

This day I want to speak against racism and hatred. I want to speak against slavery and systems, knowingly or unknowingly based on it. I want to speak up for people that are being abused. I want to ask for justice.

God, I ask that your Kindom comes and that Earth would be like Heaven.

End police brutality

End racism

End hatred

End slavery worldwide

End institutions based on slavery

God, we ask that your will be done in everything, every day, forever.