Aiden : Part 5


The Department of Agriculture
Human Genomics Lab
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Room 216W, Whitten Building
Washington, D.C. 20250-0110

Dear Aiden Common,

It is our sincere and proud honor to inform you today of your true identity and familial heritage. You have been the subject of a 20-year long experimental project intended to study the viability of genetically engineered human beings.

Your birth 18 years ago was a culmination of many years of prior research and development in the field of human genomic mapping. This research paralleled and informed related studies and breakthroughs in genetic engineering. During this time the U.S. Government appropriated funds towards developing human beings based on a combined process using genetic mapping, CRISPR technology, and in-vitro fertilization.

You were born naturally to an anonymous host mother who was randomly chosen from 500 female subjects and legally bound never to reveal their relationship to this project as punishable by law. Your genetic makeup however much diverges from the host participant. You have been engineered to be immune to all known diseases. Our goal from the beginning of this project was to make real the possibility of developing a person free from controllable constraints on life aside from natural death. After all, the goal of all medical treatment is to prevent untimely death and ease pain and suffering if possible.

Our government saw early on that much competition from other countries would surely impact our nation’s ability to maintain the health and well being of our citizens. Therefore, this program of study and scientific exploration was enacted to ensure the wellbeing of our Nation as well as its competitiveness and authority around the globe.

We have always planned to reveal your origin as soon as was legally required. Since your birth, you have been monitored by a government program within the American adoption system. Your adoptive parents have not been notified of your unique origins. After much deliberation by our team and ethics experts, it was determined to allow you to be in control of your identity and personal medical history as soon as you turned 18 years old.

With this new information in mind we, the US Government, at the direction of the President of the United States do hereby inform you of your release and discontinued participation of this groundbreaking and importing scientific study. Your participation however unintentional none the less deserves the highest honors and rewards allowed by the United States of America. You have been awarded a lifetime pension income to be delivered monthly to an account set aside for you by the U.S. Treasury. You are now officially an adult in the eyes of the U.S. Government and therefore free to live in any way you feel appropriate under the limitations of current law.

As for the classified nature of this experiment, we encourage you to maintain all that you know and have recently learned a closely held secret. Under 18 U.S. Code § 798.Disclosure of classified information it is illegal to willingly share classified information with any “unauthorized” person. Since you are part of a classified government experiment you are required to maintain all secrecy of your origin and genetic design.

This information will surely impact your life in ways we, nor you, can accurately predict.

Thank you for your participation.

Dr. Authur Gothe
Dir. The Human Genomics Lab