Part 4: Musical Interlude

Aiden loosens his tie as he steps out into a sunny morning on his way to work. Music fills into his mind and he confidently begins to dance his way down the road into the city. A jump, a leap, a spin, crouching, stretching, pivoting. He lunges and taps and points to a rhythm only in his head. The things and people he passes stand still, oblivious. He passes by the encampment and under the trees along the tracks. His face still broken and bruised. Black eye. Broken lip. Smiling. Dancing. The world is separated and stood still with indifference. He shouts at the top of his lungs howling with delight at the morning, a new beautiful day! He senses himself, he is aware but not in control. He has become two things. One hovers and another is dancing. He can feel but he is distant.

Where is the music coming from?

In a flash, he wakes away from his confusion and sees the door at the distance of his nose. His hand is on the door nob, so he turns it, opens it, and steps into the hall. He tightens up his tie and steps out of the building and down the road. All the world has begun again and is moving in its familiar and normal hum.